Why Wonders of the Written Word got started

It is common knowledge that people simply are not reading as much as they used to. There has been a steady decline in reading rates among people of all age groups in the last twenty or so years, due largely to the digital revolution that we’ve all been swept up in. Simply put, most people are more interested in what’s happening on a screen than within the pages of a novel.

Wonders of the Written Word hopes to change that.

It’s not just technology that contributes to peoples’ lack of reading. It’s also to do with the  (false) idea that if you read a book while everyone else is watching Orange is the New Black or playing GTA:V on the PlayStation 4, then you must be a nerd. It’s the fact that our lives can sometimes be quite hectic; in between studying and working and socialising, we do not have time to commit to finishing a 300+ page book. It’s that people don’t know how much content is out there; reading is not of interest to them. It’s a lack of motivation. It’s a number of things.

To change these perceptions and address these notions, WOWW’s first aim is to create a community of likeminded individuals, those who do enjoy reading, those who can always find the time to finish a book (or twenty) and who enjoy writing and talking about it. Book reviewers, book clubs, avid readers, every day readers – WOWW is calling on you all to share your love and passion for the written word. Share your reviews, share your favourite books, let the people know how you have the time to commit to reading, let them know how much material is out there and why you love it. Let those who don’t read often, who don’t enjoy it and who don’t have the time, let them all know about the benefits and joys that reading has brought to your lives, and inspire them to take up the activity as well.

To quote that guy from The Day After Tomorrow, “As far as I’m concerned, the written word is mankind’s greatest achievement.”

Let’s not let society forget that.




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